AdBlue blizu vas

AdBlue supplies for off-road vehicles or mobile machinery (NRMM)®

This section of the site is dedicated to supplying the AdBlue asset to all field mobile machinery, such as users and owners of tractors, bulldozers, excavators, combines, self-propelled forest harvesting machines (SPFH), trackers, forklifts, generator generators, AGVs, dumpers, forestry equipment and many others.®


Whether you only use a small AdBlue asset every year or a huge amount, we can offer you an AdBlue® solution that meets your needs. GreenChem supplies AdBlue in bulk in IBCs, barrels and containers of various sizes. Below you can read more about how to supply AdBlue.®®®

Koncept telemetrije GreenChem

Večina strank GreenChema se zanaša na GreenChem, da samodejno natoči svoje sisteme za točenje sredstva AdBlue. GreenChem v sistem AdBlue namesti telemetrično enoto, ki vsako noč meri raven sredstva AdBlue in te podatke prenese v osrednjo logistično programsko opremo GreenChem. Zato je pomembno, da sistem vedno pustite priključen na aktivni vir energije. Logistična programska oprema GreenChem pomaga našim načrtovalcem, da pravočasno organizirajo ponovno točenje naših sistemov za stranke.®®®

Bulk trucks are designed with the most efficient route, trying to optimize distance where possible to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

In 2016, GreenChem had more than 5,000 contract systems across Europe, and this figure is growing every day. For GreenChem customers, this process is fully automated, they do not have to worry about the level of the AdBlue asset, the AdBlue asset supply is always sufficient.®®

GreenChem’s customers can focus on what they do best, their core business.

Our clients

Some great companies in this sector are already trusting GreenChem for its products.